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Another place, another home

Hello ~

I have already mentioned the limited utility of this place, Livejournal, to me, and I have also mentioned another place where my activity is more lively. Well, my main blog is a cooking blog known under the name of Rosenoisettes which is written in French but which can be translated thanks to a translation box at the top right. Please, do not hesitate to visit it and leave your own opinion in comments.

Then I have another blog, more personal, actually, those who know me are already acquainted with the 'why I have started this blog.' It is more focused on travels and visits at the moment but I hope it will turn more personal and that it will get a sould, something that seems true in its style. We'll see. This blog is called
Antique Library, and like my cooking blog you are most welcome and can translate it the same way.

Thank you for visiting me,
See you soon ~

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Prelude ~

Bonjour ~
Lover of nature, reading, writing, learning and cooking I once wrote in this place my blog. But now I have changed my lair place. However, you are most welcome here, even if this place is specially helpful to get in touch with friends and get access to some sales.

As the place is kept quite secret it is 'Friends Only' as we say
Comment here to be added . ~

Bye ~

Monophobia (Rosenoisettes) ~

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